EPRO TechSoft Limited

The Strategic Partner of Guangzhou Junfeng Network Technology Company Limited (GZ Junfeng) is EPRO TechSoft Limited (EPRO TechSoft) which is also the subsidiary company of EPRO Group International Limited (EPRO Group) in Hong Kong.

EPRO TechSoft Limited, a subsidiary of EPRO Group, is a leading omni-channel customer contact centre solution provider, offering professional service and solution to clients in diverse business and public sector in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Asia Pacific regions.

Based on the principle of “Linking People, Connecting Business”, we provide superior services to enterprises and public sectors to enhance their operation performance and business competitiveness.

EPRO’s One-stop Contact Centre Solutions include:

  • Contact Centre Services Solution
  • Contact Centre System Solution

EPRO dedicates to provide superior products and services to enterprises in different industries in achieving:

  • Better Operational Efficiency
  • Higher Business Value
  • Perpetual Growth in Profit

EPRO TechSoft’s website: www.eprotechsoft.com

Incorporated in 1995, Epro Group has been in the Telecom Service and IT market in Asia for around 20 years and has established long and steady business relationships with our business partners.

Looking forward, the Group will continue to look for potential business opportunities in mainland China as well as other countries in the Asia Pacific region, we are still actively exploring Telecom and IT related business and collaboration opportunities to fully exploit our competitive edge.

EPRO Group’s website: