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Outsourcing Services Workflow:


Project & System Design


HR Allocation & Training


System Testing


Service Launch


Quality Assurance



Inbound Customer Care

  • Customer Service Hotlines
  • Technical Helpdesks
  • Promotional / Sales Hotlines
  • Telephone Ordering & Processing
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Online Customer Service
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Application Processing
  • TV Response Hotlines
  • Ticketing
  • Event Registration
  • Order Processing and Fulfilment

Advantages of GZ JUNFENG Inbound Customer Services:

  • 24x7x365 operation offers you the most suitable service

    GZ JUNFENG has rich experience in handling inbound customer and sales hotlines for our clients. We provide professional inbound contact centre service support through omni-channels including telephone, fax, email and other customer preferred channels such as web and mobile. Ride on our 24×7 operation, flexible operating modes such as round-the-clock, overflow, office hour and non-office hour service support can be offered to cater for your particular business needs.

  • Huge pool of experienced agent brings stability and superior customer services

    We have a large number of highly experienced agents to handle your customers’ enquiries in a professional and caring manner, which helps enhance your corporate image and maintain close customer relationship with each of your customer.

  • Experienced Management Team ensures the service quality

    As your close working partner, we offer our best support starts from the very beginning by understand your service needs and objectives, provide detail planning and experience-based advice, manage the on-going service performance and all the way to continuous service improvement measures.

  • High flexibility brought by scalable operation

    Ride on our fully scalable operation and sizable pool of agents, we can swiftly and flexibly deploy our manpower resources to cater for any large or small-scale programs as well as any ad-hoc fluctuation in call traffic to ensure the delivery of a stable service performance to your customers.

Outbound Telemarketing Services

  • Telesales / Telemarketing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Cross / Up-Selling
  • Payment Follow-up
  • Insurance Regulatory Compliance - Return Visit
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Market Survey / Opinion Polling
  • Account Management
  • Payment Reminders
  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Generation
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Third Party Quality Assurance
  • Membership Solicitation
  • Seminar Registration
  • Welcome Calls

Advantages of GZ JUNFENG Outbound Telemarketing Services:

  • Rich experience in serving different industries and public sectors to achieve project objectives and success

    GZ JUNFENG has a proven history in managing outbound telemarketing programs in all scales and natures. Our clients range from multinational Fortune 500 to local companies and spanning a variety of industries including telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing and market research etc.

  • Sizable pool of experienced agents with different skills set provide the best solutions and services to clients

    Our sizable telemarketing sales force is made up of carefully selected, well-trained and seasoned telesales representatives with solid telemarketing skills. And to cater for specific service needs, we also maintain a pool of telemarketers with special skill set and/or industrial knowledge including insurance-licensed agents, IT professionals and language proficient representatives.

  • State-of-art Contact Centre System enhances the efficiency of the team

    Our proEPRO omni-channel Contact Centre System with a wide array of ready-to-use templates for various types of outbound service and industries can offer an extremely short lead-time as well as turnaround time for kicking off a new telesales campaign for clients and hence accelerate the time to market.